Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope that you’re encouraged in your own life as you read my struggles- and triumphs- through loss, love and grief.

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On June 18th, 2016, my life changed. I married my best friend, Jorre McMahan, whom I had been dating for three and a half years. I was a college professor at the time, and he was a middle school social studies teacher and Jr./Sr. high football coach. We lived, we laughed, we loved, and we loved God together.

On September 27, 2016, three months after our wedding, my life changed again. I received the worst phone call of my life, and I learned that Jorre had suddenly passed away. He was only 26.

My name is Alexis Pacheco McMahan, and this is a glimpse into my walk with grief and with God. My hope is to inspire others with my own story and display God’s goodness, even in the most painful situation.

This is my story.